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Defeat Procrastination Effectively

Procrastination is a problem that we all face in our lives daily. The human brain is naturally wired to take the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, the path of least resistance is where putting off work for later and relaxing at the moment becomes most enticing. However, procrastination isn’t unbeatable. In fact, by embracing a few effective strategies, waving goodbye to procrastination is a real possibility.

So, before you head off to the best essay writing service for that essay you’ve been procrastinating, try utilizing the steps discussed below.

Take Small Steps

Procrastination often derives itself from a task that seems difficult to accomplish. Making lofty commitments is difficult for us. In such situations, telling ourselves to make small moves towards a goal can work wonders. If writing an essay is a goal, then committing to just writing a few sentences is easier than committing to writing the entire essay at once. As soon as the initial barrier of starting is broken, it gets easier to keep going.

Follow the 5 Second Rule

The 5-second rule is primarily related to food. It states that food is good to eat if it falls on the floor within a 5-second window. However, not many people are aware of the fact that our brain works similarly. According to research, we can persuade ourselves to work on something in 5 seconds. Every second, after this 5-second window, makes it a lot harder.

The basic premise is that one should count down to five, and then immediately act afterward. This is a wonderful technique that works exceptionally well. Through this rule, we effectively prevent our brain from killing the idea of doing something.

Think of the Final Outcome

Often when working on something, we tend to get bogged down with the intricacies involved. In these circumstances, reflecting on why we are doing something can provide a significant motivational boost. Taking a moment to think and visualize the feelings related to accomplishing a goal can put us back on track. It works on the same basic principles that make planning a trip just as enjoyable as actually experiencing it.

Set a Deadline

Sometimes, we require external factors to force ourselves to work. Imposing deadlines and making ourselves answerable for it can have a remarkable impact on getting work done. It is similar to when students start studying harder when exams are near.

Eliminate Distractions

In our modern world, distractions are everywhere. There’s so much vying for our attention. This makes it important to eliminate distractions as much as possible. Understand that the notification you just received can wait. Eliminating distractions is also a vital step in achieving a ‘deep work’ state.

Rewarding Oneself

Setting rewards for completing a task plays a major role in increasing motivation levels. It can be anything, a sweet treat for completing a task, or playing a video game. It instills a sense of accomplishment, making the reward much more savory.


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